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Product At a Glance

An Imputation Bond is a new generation insurance bond. It innovatively combines the long established taxation benefits of an insurance bond with a modern master fund-like investment menu offering you choice across 33 Investment Portfolios.

Imputation Bonds are long-term growth investments that accumulate under a “Tax-Paid” environment. They are ideal for making “Tax-Free” distributions and investing for the life-event objectives of your financial, tax and estate plans, or can be used as an accessible superannuation alternative.

The Bond’s 33 Investment Portfolios do not annually distribute income or taxable capital gains to you – instead all of their investment gains (both income and capital) are automatically reinvested. This means the value of your Unit Holding in the Investment Portfolios selected by you, benefit from investment compounding, which is amplified under the Bond’s Tax-Paid environment.

For full details about the Austock Life Imputation Bond and ChildBuilder Bond, please download the Product Disclosure Statement.

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Imputation Bond

What You Can Do With an Imputation Bond

Improve your “after-tax” investment performance using a Tax-Paid insurance bond with “Set-and-Forget” tax reporting benefits.

Build Tax-Free lump sums to meet your life-event planning objectives using the Imputation Bond’s many financial, tax and estate planning applications.

Tax-effectively invest across a menu that uses some of Australia’s best wholesale managed funds – you have 33 Investment Portfolio choices.

Switch between Investment Portfolios with tax-freedom – you can manage your Bond’s own investment mix to suit your changing circumstances or market conditions and without personal tax or CGT consequences.


What You Can Do With a ChildBuilder Bond

ChildBuilder is a special purpose type of insurance bond structured under the Imputation Bond's product and taxation framework, that uses the same master fund-like menu offering you 33 Investment Portfolio choices.

ChildBuilder is a long-term growth investment designed to build specific endowments for children and grandchildren. It has a flexible “vesting” feature so that the Bond’s ownership can be automatically programmed to shift from you (e.g. parents / grandparents) as original owner(s) to your Nominated Child at a particular Vesting Date.

Until vesting, you have full control and access to the ChildBuilder investment, including using the Bond totally for your own purposes — rather than allowing it to vest in favour of your Nominated Child.

Tax-Paid Term Deposits

What You Can Do With the Tax-Paid Term Deposits Portfolio

This is Australia’s first diversified and actively managed portfolio of Term Deposits with the added innovation of being under a Tax-Paid insurance bond framework.

Created as a special “product-like” Investment Portfolio (No.14A) on the Imputation Bond’s investment menu, it has stand-alone attractions for investors who favour Term Deposits during uncertain and volatile market conditions. Term Deposits are a widely understood low risk investment and have an enhanced performance potential provided by an actively managed portfolio approach to investing in Term Deposits.

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