Planning Strategies

As a long-term growth investment, under a tax effective product structure, Imputation Bonds are ideal for a multitude of life-event, financial, tax and estate planning objectives.

Additionally, certain tax aspects and features of the modern insurance bond can favourably place an Imputation Bond as an alternative (or complementary) investment/tax structure to trusts, private companies, and even superannuation in some circumstances.

This Section outlines many of the Bond’s planning strategies and applications.

    Imputation Bonds
  • Life-Events Financial Planning Strategies

  • Alternative Investment Structures

  • Business Strategy Applications

  • Imputation Bonds and Superannuation

  • Imputation Bonds and "Annuity-Like" Payment Streams

  • Estate Planning and Imputation Bonds

  • Foreign Resident Investors

  • Loan and Gearing Strategies

  • Protections - Creditor and Bankruptcy

  • Child's Specific Endownment Plan

  • Child’s Education Funding (Savings Plan)

  • Student Loan and Debt Reduction

  • Estate Planning + Intergenerational Transfers

    Tax-Paid Term Deposits
  • Tax-Effective Investment in Term Deposits

  • Tax-Effective “Annuity-Like” Alternative

  • Tax-Effective Repository Structure

  • Tax-Paid Term Deposits Portfolio

  • Investment for the Aged and Home Care Strategies